TSF Digest #04: Your Brain Needs Sleep

I have always been curious of our brain and a strong believer in prioritizing brain and body capabilities. For example, I take multiple 5 minute breaks in a working day to allow my brain to “breathe” and relax my focus. I am impressed with individuals like Elon Mush who can perform on the long run with 4 hours of sleep but I strongly strongly disagree with this approach for the common individuals.

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TSF Digest #03: Time to learn new things

So, as per Emmanuel Macron announcement to pursue the lockdown rules in France until mid-may at least, we can reasonably assume the lockdown in most of Europe until mid-may. So we have so much time to learn new things! I mean, the Tiger King documentary on Netflixn can count as learning right?

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TSF Digest #02: Learn about communication, privacy and podcasts

I have successfully completed my third “work-at-home” week with the Ms. We are staying home but to go shopping and see if the horse is doing well. The stable is 3 km away before you ask.

This time is perfect for me to read articles I saved during the last months. Here are some of my best recent reads.

To read

  • Adopting asynchronous communication: In a time where you are not in the office and can not reach to your colleague directly, a dire need for new ways to communicate exists. The biggest challenge for me will be to change people’s behavior.
  • The best browser for privacy. TLDR, download the Brave browser.
  • Zoom: the new king of videoconference is currently seeing a tremendous user growth due to the global worldwide lockdown. The company stock price has not fall down. However, recent news have shown how bad from a privacy perspective this tool is (my opinion: it’s a disaster). However, it’s the first time I see a company answering the right way to user’s concerns.
  • The Guardian’s take on “how plant-based meat went mainstream“. I believe in a plant-based protein source to feed the world. I also changed my diet a few months ago and switched 50% of my protein source to plant based substitutes.

To watch or listen

  • A list of 50 podcast to listen to. I’m sure you can find the time.
  • Podcast: Business Wars. I enjoy a lot these stories such as Ford vs Chevrolet and Airbus vs Boeing. Currently listening to Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t forget We Crashed as well on the rise and fall of WeWork.
  • Documentary: Dirty Money. From Wolkswagen cheating its diesel emissions to drug company Valeant passing through HSBC being the cartel bank, some key scandals you should be aware of. And they have a new season that I plan to watch.

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