COVID-19 And Your Investments

I am writing this article today as I just been informed that a mandatory home office policy is applied globally as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe and North America.

The news of this epidemy started for me mid-January, only impacting China mainly. I did however carefully monitored the situation as China’s economic power is significant, and so is its supply chain for the rest of the world.

Complete transparency: I sold all my shares of VT and VTI the 24th of February and I plan to consider entering the market after the April earnings cycle.

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Frugalism Might Ruin Your Long Term Plan

As stated in my earliest articles, my wife and I decided to not be absolute frugal people. I am personally against this approach to life and believe sometimes frugalism might ruin your long term plan.

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How To Increase Your Savings

Switzerland is regularly placed in the top 5 most expensive countries. However, I would argue salaries are aligned with incurred cost compared to other countries.

Truth is, wherever you are (in main Western countries), the biggest spending in your budget are housing, insurances (including medial), transportation and food.

I strongly believe in the 20/80 principle: create 80% of the performance with 20% of the total effort. Therefore, if you want to decrease your spending, start by addressing the key elements previously mentioned. After all, if you are reading me, you are not the highest spender in clothing, restaurants and jewelry. Right? 😉

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My Road to Financial Enjoyment

As my wife and I were travelling across Vietnam in March 2019, we both realized how quickly life goes on. We both agreed that following the classic corporate job role for all our life would not make us happy and decided to jointly work towards increasing our flexibility to choose when to work and for who.

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