Net Worth Update #03: March 2020 – Partial Unemployement (+3’838 CHF)

This month of March 2020 has been quite unique for me. First, we saw the fastest bear market for the stocks in history. At the time of writing this article, the S&P500 has gained more than 20% from its current bottom making it the strongest stock market increase since the Great Depression. Also, for the first time in my life, my employer has put me under partial unemployment.

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How I Manage My Finances During This Crisis

For many years, I did not attach any importance to my cash savings in general and was a big spender. I was betting on my future income to create my cash savings. Obviously, this all changed a year ago when my spouse and I decided to be active in how we manager our money. I want to emphasis on her and her will to have a substantial amount of cash. What a great idea she had, especially today during this crisis.

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Net Worth Update #02: February 2020 – Before the storm

This update is also published a bit late (end of March 2020) but is important. In February, the COVID-19 had an outbreak in Europe, and Italy put the country in lockdown in the end of February. This decisions, which was also followed by other major europeans countries, had a dramatic effect and marked the start of a bear financial market for stocks.

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#01 Net Worth Update: January 2020 – The Beginning

// This article was written in very early February but only published mid-March 2020. Sorry for this delay. I have not touched the text of evolution and expectations for each wealth category. Things have since drastically changed.

Friends, today is the first edition of the upcoming monthly Net Worth Updates! January 2020, how did we do?

This month was not planned to be a great from a saving perspective. Between Christmas with the families (travelling and buying presents), new tires for the new car, and random activities to enjoy the 2-week break this was not expected to end with good results.

But we are following the “fat” FIRE mindset and therefore we enjoy ourselves from time to time. Let’s get to the numbers.

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Frugalism Might Ruin Your Long Term Plan

As stated in my earliest articles, my wife and I decided to not be absolute frugal people. I am personally against this approach to life and believe sometimes frugalism might ruin your long term plan.

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Finding Our Top ETF For Financial Freedom

I plan on not spending time on choosing multiple ETF over time and use a very lazy passive investment behavior to achieve my financial freedom. I strongly believe that you will not find a lot of benefits in buying multiple investment products. Over time, just buy the market. Earlier, I pointed that I am keen on S&P500 ETFs and highlighted some key elements to look after such as Total Expense Ratio and fund liquidity. However, can we do better than just going for the S&P500? The answer is yes.

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Use ETFs To Start Investing

We have covered previously the importance to start investing and early and what areas you should consider to increase your saving to invest. The most advised vehicule investment for beginners and passive investment style are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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How To Increase Your Savings

Switzerland is regularly placed in the top 5 most expensive countries. However, I would argue salaries are aligned with incurred cost compared to other countries.

Truth is, wherever you are (in main Western countries), the biggest spending in your budget are housing, insurances (including medial), transportation and food.

I strongly believe in the 20/80 principle: create 80% of the performance with 20% of the total effort. Therefore, if you want to decrease your spending, start by addressing the key elements previously mentioned. After all, if you are reading me, you are not the highest spender in clothing, restaurants and jewelry. Right? 😉

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Understanding The Swiss Pension System

The Swiss pension system is divided in 3 pillars. 2 are mandatory (1st and second) and 1 voluntary (3rd pillar). Depending on your professional activity and pension scheme chosen, various choices can be made.

For this post, I will present the three pillar pension system viewed from a regular employee living on a monthly salary.

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