This update is also published a bit late (end of March 2020) but is important. In February, the COVID-19 had an outbreak in Europe, and Italy put the country in lockdown in the end of February. This decisions, which was also followed by other major europeans countries, had a dramatic effect and marked the start of a bear financial market for stocks.

Cash accounts: +0 CHF

Pretty bad performance there. Well, we had some big spendings in January and bills so it was not unexpected.

Brokerage account: -400 CHF

Well I sold all our shared end of February based on my limit. The next days proved me right to do so. In the end, happy with the decision.

P2P Lending – Mintos: +4 CHF

Nothing to report there. Let’s see how this experience will handle in the next months.

2nd pilars: +2’341 CHF

Nothing unexpected also. I estimated the monthly contribution from our part and employer part and will adapt them on a yearly basis.

3rd pilars: +1’136 CHF

Also nothing to report on those, maxing out our 3rd pilars on 12 monthly payments.

Total Wealth Increase: +3’081 CHF

Well that’s not too shaby right? Just doing mandatory savings for the Swiss pension system.

Next few weeks are going to be critical. Right now I am not considering getting back into the market until the April earning season starts. I want to see how market reacts to profit cuts and unemployment rate.I believe the stimulus provided by the governments are a quick fix and more long term effects will start to materialize in 2-3 months. I am not chasing the bottom.

I am looking how the market will react with the outbreak in the USA exploding. From a level perspective, how the S&P500 will behave if it goes below 2300 again, looking at the last lows around 2200 if it holds again or not.

Stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

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