// This article was written in very early February but only published mid-March 2020. Sorry for this delay. I have not touched the text of evolution and expectations for each wealth category. Things have since drastically changed.

Friends, today is the first edition of the upcoming monthly Net Worth Updates! January 2020, how did we do?

This month was not planned to be a great from a saving perspective. Between Christmas with the families (travelling and buying presents), new tires for the new car, and random activities to enjoy the 2-week break this was not expected to end with good results.

But we are following the “fat” FIRE mindset and therefore we enjoy ourselves from time to time. Let’s get to the numbers.

Cash accounts: +1500 CHF

This might be counterintuitive as I mentioned previously we had multiple expenses. But Madam receive a “fidelity” bonus with the January salary slip which basically consists of this cash increase.

Brokerage account: -39 CHF

After a relatively timid but steady January, the markets cancelled all gains due to the coronavirus outbreak. Even if market rallied in early February, I do not believe we have already account for the real impact of the Chinese economy being slowed down due to the virus.

P2P Lending – Mintos: +4 CHF

We invested 500€ in September last year with a strategy we set-up and are watching this growth. I am using an arbitatry exhchange rate of 1 EUR = 1.10 CHF.

2nd pilars: +2’241 CHF

This accounts for both our contribution and our employers’ contribution (roughly 50-50). To compute our saving rate we only take into account 50% of this amount.

3rd pilars: +1136 CHF (aiming to max out our 3rd pilars in 12 monthly payments)

Total Wealth Increase: +4’983 CHF

Well that’s not too bad! Below a graph showing the progress. It will be more interesting to observe it in future months.

As you can see, most of our wealth is based on our 2nd pilars. Considering the lack of expected return of this investment vehicule, we decided Ms and I to invest. Something nobody told us before. Our goal for this year is to increase our monthly portfolio contribution.

And you, what do you plan for 2020?

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