Use ETFs To Start Investing

We have covered previously the importance to start investing and early and what areas you should consider to increase your saving to invest. The most advised vehicule investment for beginners and passive investment style are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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How To Increase Your Savings

Switzerland is regularly placed in the top 5 most expensive countries. However, I would argue salaries are aligned with incurred cost compared to other countries.

Truth is, wherever you are (in main Western countries), the biggest spending in your budget are housing, insurances (including medial), transportation and food.

I strongly believe in the 20/80 principle: create 80% of the performance with 20% of the total effort. Therefore, if you want to decrease your spending, start by addressing the key elements previously mentioned. After all, if you are reading me, you are not the highest spender in clothing, restaurants and jewelry. Right? 😉

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Investing For Your Future

The recipe to beat the normal retirement path is to obtain the money you fell comfortable to retire before the official age of retirement (65 years old for men in Switzerland as of December 2019). Let’s see how we can do this.

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Understanding The Swiss Pension System

The Swiss pension system is divided in 3 pillars. 2 are mandatory (1st and second) and 1 voluntary (3rd pillar). Depending on your professional activity and pension scheme chosen, various choices can be made.

For this post, I will present the three pillar pension system viewed from a regular employee living on a monthly salary.

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